Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Romance Writers Conference and Other Stuff

At the end of June is the RWA conference in New York. I'm going. This will be my first time for their conference, in fact I only just joined RWA this week. I'm very excited.

I've been to NY twice before. Both times to attend the Backspace Conference. I especially recommend going to their conference if you aren't finished with your book. They are really helpful with perfecting your query letter. If you're already done with your book then you've probably already sent out queries and it's likely they stunk. Mine did. I shudder to think about some queries I've sent, sorry agents. If you go to their conference you'll be showing your query letter and first two pages to different agents. Some people get requests for partials or even signed, but they are a very small number of people. So don't get your hopes up, just go to learn.

Some advice to new writers, don't be afraid or think you're to smart to buy self help books on writing. I resisted at first, thinking I didn't need help, but I've bought some really helpful books since I got over myself.  I highly recommend Scott Edelstein's, 100 Things Every Writer Needs to Know. I love that book and stiill refer to it. I've read, or started to read, others, but love that book the best. Buy a book on how to create a good query letter too, or search extensively on line. Again, I think mine is pretty good now, but at first--whew, did it stink.

More advice, when you send a query make sure you address the agent with his/her name and not the name of the last agent you queried. Yes, I did that. Can you imagine what I felt when I realized what I'd done? I didn't discover my error until weeks later either, after taking another look at the letter I'd sent out. Ouch.

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