Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Twitter, friend or foe?

Hello everyone (all 3 of you).  :)

Twitter hasn't been around all that long. I'd heard that it was a stalkers dream come true. Wanna stalk the girl who brews your morning coffee, follow her on twitter cause she'll tell you just what she's doing, and when and where she's doing it.

Maybe at first Twitter was just random comments from bored people, I don't know. I've recently started tweeting, after resisting for a long time, and that's not what I found.

I found tweets from all over the world from people who shared an interest of mine, writing. It's not like we all sit around typing witty comments about writing and nothing else, it's a lot more fun than that. The comments are as diverse as the people on twitter.

There is the erotic romance writer who says the dirtiest things (well, dirty to me). I can't figure out if her dirty talk is part of her persona or if (say we went to the mall) she'd be talking about sucking you know what there too. Somehow when she says the naughty talk, it just makes me laugh.

There's the guy who lives in Austrailia, who is just about ready to go to sleep when I log on in the morning. We chat for a bit, then he's off to bed. Since it is always the next day for him, I asked him once what kind of day did I have? He said it was awesome, but I ate too much. I answered, that's amazing--it was awesome and I did eat too much. Lucky guess? I think not. ;)

There is the German lady who lives in London and I think I like her best. She's funny and really friendly, but I don't think I've followed anyone who isn't.

Which brings me to auto-follows, hope that's the right name. I get a lot of notifications that I'm being followed by someone who I have zero in common with, or they are tweeting in Spanish, or Arabic. I find it hard to believe those people saw my name and profile and on there own decided to follow me. Something fishy there.

Having only 140 characters has actually improved my MS writing too. I've started writing using fewer, unnecessary words. I might not have caught them if part of me wasn't trying subconsciously to write only 140 characters.

I look forward to jumping on twitter every morning, first thing I do is check my @mentions. So fun to find a msg when you first wake up. Then I check my number of followers to see if it increased. Then I read random tweets and  put my two cents in.

I really enjoy twitter and the twitter friends I've made. Life is just peachy. :)


  1. I just found you on twitter! Very true - I am pretty new to it too. Unfortunately, it is my new social addiction! Must try to temper twitter with my actual writing, or nothing will get done! Nice blog!

  2. Glad to be a fellow tweep. :)

  3. Twitter is like heroine. Once you try it you are hooked. Lol

  4. Nice blog here. I am now following you with a link to your blog in my sidebar. Vernita

  5. Great post! I too am pretty new to Twitter after resisting for a while, but I'm SO glad I joined! I've met so many amazing people I never would have otherwise!