Friday, June 3, 2011

Twitter: What makes you want to follow or not follow?

I don't follow automactially. I follow people whose profile makes me smile or laugh. If the person drinks coffee and/or eats chocolate (see picture to the right) and that's in their profile--they don't even need to be a writer. :) I follow because I want to laugh, smile, and/or network.

I don't expect to automatically be followed back either, but I usually am because they're writer's like me.

I will not follow someone who has profanity in their profile. Profanity has its place in writing, but not there. Your profile is like your business card, would you put the "F" word on your business card?

I, usually, won't follow anyone who seems very young, like a teenager young. Unless they write. I had a follow request from a Justin Beiber fan. I told the young lady, I'm from the Huey Lewis and the News generation. I don't have Beiber Fever.

She seemed alright with it. :)


  1. Lol the Justin Beiber thing made me laugh. Just saying.

    Ok, I very much agree with you. I tend to take the same approach when deciding whether or not to follow people. I don't auto-follow back, but I try to make connections with people who seem to try to branch out.

    Short, sweet and to the point. Nice post :)

  2. I follow to be current/informed on news, world affairs, politics, arts, marketing communications, small space living, social media, writing, travel (especially to Italy), photography, design trends, pet care, women's issues. Only follow legit people/organizations - do check them out and read their links before ReTweeting. Don't like spam, commercial pitches, direct messages trying to sell me something, or profanity. Appreciate smart humour.

  3. I appreciate you following me back. :-)

    I tend to just follow fellow writers or those peeps who pretty much meet the criterion you set forth.

    I completely agree and am lol'ing at the Beiber blurb...oye. :-)

  4. I follow for the news and education...on current events and writing; to meet new friends and network with other writers, both published and unpublished; to encourage & support other writers and when I need it reach out to them for support and information. I will follow if your profile suggests it will meet this criteria. I am building my own community.

  5. LOL! I'm also from the Huey Lewis generation and I loved that! I follow if I'm interested in what the person tweets about (eg books, fitness)and if what they tweet appeals to my eclectic brain.