Wednesday, November 9, 2011

JAustenwannabe Presents: An Interview w/Scott O'Brian, MC of Risky Romance

MaryAnn: It's so nice to meet you Scott, I know this interview won't be easy for you. I'll try to respect your pre-interview requests. You know your friend Katherine gave me an interview too, she left on an ominous note, but we'll get to that.

MaryAnn:  So Scott, why did you leave Carson City in such a hurry? I heard there was some kind of scandal? Involving a woman, naturally.

Scott O'Brian: Now MaryAnn, didn't I say I'd rather not talk about what happened in Carson City? I'm trying to focus on the present.

MaryAnn: Sure, let's talk about the present. Is it true you're already dating? Is it true she started out as a one night stand, and now she's trying to run your life?

Scott O'Brian: That's not fair, she's a very nice lady. True, she's a little bossy, and insecure, but only about...."

MaryAnn: Bossy? Not the word I heard used. I heard the word started with a capital B, but it wasn't bossy. Tell me, does she mind your secret meetings with a man you won't name? And I heard your new woman  threatened your friend Katherines life. What's wrong with you? Hasn't that poor woman been through enough? I think everyone wants to know, do you consider Katherine more than a friend?

Scott O'Brian: I think this interview is over.

MaryAnn: Just one more question: Do you think someone is trying to kill Katherine, and if yes, how far will you go to protect her?

MaryAnn: Calm down Scott, no need to throw chairs, it's a simple question. How far would you go to protect Katherine?

Scott O'Brian: I'd die for her, and if it came to it--I'd kill for her.

MaryAnn: Well ok then. that's it folks, watch this column. I'm hoping to score an interview with Scott O'Brian's new squeeze of the day. Put the chair down Scott!

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