Thursday, July 12, 2012

JAustenwannabe Presents: Love Comes Later, A multicultural romance set in Doha, Qatar!

LOVE COMES LATER tells the story of Hind, Abdulla, and Sangita as they each try to find happiness against the cultural expectations of their families.

This story came to me in a series of questions. I met my husband after moving to Qatar. My own path to finding a soul mate was less than linear (but that's another book and story :).

After I settled down to married life, I saw the same questions that plagued me as a single person -- will I ever find someone, am I good enough for love, am I too modern, reflected in all those around me.

But these young people had another cultural context, on top of everything else they were facing, that of an Islamic society. How would the young women and men whom I taught meet their soul mates in a society that believes in arranged marriages and producing children as a part of attaining adulthood?

You can see the book's YouTube trailer here: http://youtube/1dF8wDwIm
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Thank you.
Mohana Phongsavan

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