Friday, April 29, 2011

Places I've been cont...

Yesterday I talked about what living in Korea was like, there is so much I didn't say. Today I'm going to talk about the 3 months I stayed in Saudi Arabi.

Before I do, I want to backtrack just a little. I mentioned that I met my husband at Charleston AFB in South Carolina soon after returning from Korea, lets start there.

I was placed in a maintenance squadron which meant the men far outnumbered the women. In fact I was one of,I think, only three women on the floor my room was on. I had been stationed there about six weeks when I first saw my husband to be. I walked past a room that had its door open, a common practice, I glanced in and waved to the guys I'd already met. I didn't see him. I'd gone to a soda machine and when I passed again I did see him. I entered my room and immediately wondered what excuse I could come up with to go back down the hall, finally I said %^$& it went down and we were introduced. This was o/a 16 Oct.

We started out as friends, just hanging out together with a group of people. Very quickly it seemed, it was just us hanging out. Going to eat, renting movies etc...still behaving as friends only. In  December something finally happened, we had a drunken encounter. I told him the next day that it had been a one time good deal. I wasn't about to be the girl he'd sleep with, if he couldn't get lucky somewhere else.

At Christmas, I went to visit a friend, at the air port, he gave me a small box. No, not a ring. A necklace that I didn't get to open until on the plane. I called him to say thank you and he asked if I ever thought we'd do again what we'd done that one time (hanky panky) I said no. I said I don't sleep with men who are sleeping with other woman. To my huge surprise he said, well what if I don't sleep with other women? From then on we were a couple. By mid January he had proposed, by 13 March we were marired. That was 18 years ago.

In May we travelled to his hometown to have a reception that turned out more to be a family reunion for his family since none of mine could come. While there I received a phone call telling me that when I returned I'd be leaving for Saudia Arabia. I cried and cried, so afraid he'd fall out of love with me in the three months I was away. (I was young, younger) He pulled some strings and even though he had just come back from Saudi in October, he arrived a week after I'd left.

Ok, I teased you--tomorrow I'll tell you what Saudi Arabia was like.

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