Thursday, April 28, 2011

Places I went while in the Air Force--Korea

I've been to Korea.

If you're in the military, 99.9% of the people will go on what is called a remote. This can be somewhere that really sucks, not much to do--far from home--don't speak the language--out in the boonies, OR it can be somewhere cool.

Korea is cool. The food is awesome! And inexpensive. If you still like to party, Korea is great for that too. I'm specifically talking about Osan Korea. The back gate opens/closes directly into the city of Osan. When you come out of the gate, on each side of the street there are clothing stores, name brands and knock offs, both way cheaper than Stateside. Also, restaurants, but regarding if you still like to party--Nightclubs. Upstairs, downstairs. Rock, country. And the drinks are strong. Some clubs are respectable, some not so much. If you're a woman, don't go out to nightclubs alone.

A friend and I went exploring. We went into a club that featured a woman having sex with a horse--dozens of men watching. We got the hell out of there, things can turn ugly fast when you're the only women around.

Going on a remote is also good for getting your degree. There is only so much partying you're gonna do, so taking classes really helped pass the time. I took 15 credits that year.

After Korea I was stationed at Charleston AFB in Charleston SC. Beautiful base, but I'd have gone back to Korea as soon as I was eligible (2 years later) if I hadn't met my husband a month after getting there.

Tomorrow, I'll write about my time in Saudi Arabia.

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