Sunday, October 23, 2011

JAustenwannabe Presents: An interview w/Katherine O'Brian MC of Risky Romance

MK: So Katherine, you've had a rough year?

KO: Oh, I don't even know where to start MaryAnn.

MK: How about your break up?

KO: Yeah, that was hard. I really didn't see it coming. I mean, I knew things weren't good between us. He was working late every night, he was downright cold sometimes when I tried to kiss him. On some level I knew he was cheating, I just didn't want to face it.

MK: How did you find out?

KO: He told me he didn't want to be married anymore, but I knew there was someone else. I even had an idea who it was.

MK: Wow, that's really rough, but things got a lot worse didn't they?

KBO: Yes, I was devastated, and completely unprepared for what happened next. three days after I found out he was cheating, I was notified both my parents were dead.

MK: Oh my god. What did you do next?

KO: What could I do? I had to move back to Reno. I was the executer of their wills. I had to notify everyone, take care of the funeral arrangements, and pack up the house.

MK: Did you have any help? Don't you have a sister?

KO: Yes, one sister, Amy. Until just a week ago, she refused to come out. All she cared about was what they'd left her. Now she's here, to pick the house clean. Vulture.

MK: That's just terrible. Misfortune seems like your middle name, didn't something else happen recently?

KO: What? Oh you want to hear about the night that woman was killed. Well, aside from witnessing a murderer and his victim, I'm swell. He chased me, but obviously and thank god, I got away.

MK: That's a lot of drama Katherine. Surely you have something positive to tell us? Did I hear there was a new man in your life?

KO: That's an exaggeration MaryAnn. Yes, I've met a man, his name is Scott and between you and me he's gorgeous, but we're not going out or anything. I'm taking a college course, he's my partner. Honestly, I don't know when I'll be ready to date again. I'm kind of disgusted with men right now. Scott's great, but I get the impression he's in no big hurry for romance either.

MK: Well it sounds like life might be getting back to normal for you.

KO: Not exactly.

MK: Why do you say that?

KO: Because MaryAnn, and I know this will sound crazy, I'm pretty sure someone is trying to kill me.

MK: Watch for the next installment of my interview with Katherine O'Brian.


  1. Poor Katherine has certainly been through the mill. If they didn't live so far apart, she could meet up with my heroine - they seem to have a fair bit in common!

  2. Well isn't that just like a soap opera. Just when it was getting good. LOL.