Monday, October 10, 2011

JAustenwannabe: Pages from My Book Posted at Website

Sometimes it feels like I'll never be finished with this book. I'm determined that a year from now (heck three months from now) I won't still be doing revisions and/or rewrites.

Today, I put revised pages of my book on my website. I'm hoping people will read them and give me honest feedback.


  1. Boy, can I relate. I just put up a revision to my book. The first draft was done in March ...

  2. Good luck. I've just finished a fourth revision of my MS to send to a competition but in the meantime it will go off to more beta readers. I'm sure there will be more changes.

  3. Don't give up. It took me three years to get book one to completion. :)

    1. Hi Constance. Just read your comment. I don't remember if I thanked you. I'd rather thank you twice than not at all. Thank you! I'm happy to say book one is finished. It's with one publisher being read by early readers, and a partial is with one agent. So cross your fingers for me.

  4. Working with editor now. Very exciting, but hard.

  5. I can feel what you are going through. I'm one of those writers that edits and tweaks as I write, but at the moment I'm having a difficult time getting any of my thoughts and ideas typed into my story. I've been stuck for a few weeks, the only work I'm getting done is retweaking the chapers I already polished. Hoping I can get into gear soon. Read your 1st chapter on your website...loved it. Very nicely should be proud.

    Here's hoping you are stuck in revision-mode for

  6. Oh boy, do I know that feeling! I just can't leave mine alone and while ever I feel it needs work, it's going nowhere.
    Will happily read your revisions.
    Good luck.