Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dieting is a four-letter-word: Week 2 Progress

Hello Hello!

Well it's been two weeks and I'm down ten pounds! Ha! Gotcha! I wish. Limiting your calories in order to lose weight is not easy, because real life keeps getting in the way.

Last weekend, me and my two darling little monsters, err children, went to St. Augustine FL. Such a nice place to visit, very historic, with shopping, and tons of food. Our favorite place to visit is Kilwin's. This place has it all. Tons of candy, lots of ice cream, and fudge of all flavors. Well, it would have been downright rude of me not to have eaten my fair share of what they had to offer. Since I'm not rude, I decided to have the shares of a few other people too.

Then, of course, we were away from home so had to eat all our meals out. Except one, we ordered pizza to our motel room one night.

But hey the number on the scale is misleading. As you can see from the graphic above--I'm retaining a lot of water. A lot of water.

So anyways, I've saved the best for last. Over the last week I've lost, 0 pounds for a total weight loss of 2 pounds. Remember, I ate a lot of junk food while in St. Augustine, so I'm not surprised.

Don't give up on me yet, it's only been 2 weeks.

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